Who Moved My Chair

Peaceful quiet tumbles over the household
with an hour left before work.
I settle into my recliner to contemplate
my next move.

As I go to pick up my book
the cursed rays of the sun
stab at my eyes.
Temporarily blinded
as if I’ve never sat here before.
How can I relax under these conditions?
How did I end up in these conditions?
It must be I’ve never sat
in this room, at this time, in this season.
That, or someone moved my chair.

What devil or imp snuck into this room?
Why this mischief did they perform?
For what harm or transgression
is this revenge?

Who moved my chair?
Slid it across the floor
to blind my eyes and
prevent my reading pleasures.

I stand up to inspect and
the chair slides back across the floor.
That demon lurks still.
Why dare they to move my chair
when I can simply re-position,
away from the tortuous rays
of Apollo, Ra, or Elagabalus’ gaze.

In victory I settle and
begin to read moments before
the house erupts
with the liveliness of crying babes.

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