Art, Music, Language

In reading Borges
I come across
a critique of abstract art
as an attempt
to express emotion,
remove reality,
as music does.
The flatness of Matisse,
the deconstructed representative
geometrical cubes of Picasso,
and the paint splashes
and swirls of Pollock.
Deleting the form
highlighting the emotion.
Art becoming like music
an abstraction.
The emotions of Spring
expressed through
light airy chirping
of violins in Vivaldi.
Harsh ominous beating of
drums forbearing inevitability
of war in Holst.

Can we abstract language?
Remove the symbols
leave only emotion.
There have been futile attempts.
Language is symbols.
By it’s nature the shadow
of reality.
I could express anger
as a fist pounded thrice
upon a keyboard;
jk,umm,u, ghnbfhnb, hjh.
But there remain symbols
and what if I proceeded
with no explanation
of the emotion being expressed;
wertyuiop, lkjhgfd, zxcvbnm.
What can you make of that?
And in an abstraction of language
we lose the most valuable part,
the communication of oral tradition.
Language by its nature
is expression
that relies on foreknowledge
of the listener.

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