The Demon of the Candy Cane Forest

Deep in the candy cane forest
at the end of Lollipop Lane
a small frosted cottage is nestled.
Within a great demon resides.
One night a year he can call to our world.
Beckon to all the young boys and girls Santa forgot.
“Your presents are here child.
Your gifts are with me.
Come near, come near, and
I’ll bring you here.”
Little feet scamper and sneak.
Careful not a sound to make.
Down the hall, down the steps,
’til the chimney is near.
From out of the darkness
a scaled taloned claw
grasps frightened children.
Abduction echoes the halls.
A mangled twisted body sinks through the chimney. Dragged over powdered sugar hills
as the red moon hides behind marshmallow clouds.
Dragged through the caramel swamp
and the chocolate marsh.
Added to the corspes strung up in the barn,
a hearty winter’s feast.

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