Election Year

It’s finally here
the election year.
Where we can vote
with determination and cheer.
We’ll tune in for
our favorite Cable News personalities
to take candidates to task
but they’ll be too busy
explaining super-delegates
and the importance of Iowa.
Then it’s on to the main-event
where we know we won’t be content.
Still we must decide
between the maniacal demigod
protecting the rights of men
to ejaculate bullets in public spaces,
lock children in cages,
leave the young unprotected against measles and mumps.
Or a withered old statesman
making promises they’ll never keep.
Claiming to fight for our health, education, and wealth
but only looking out for
the interest of the highest donor.
And in the end
we’ll push the button
we did before
because there’s a nifty appeal
to the colors red and blue
and we’ve already decided
which we like best.

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