No Gods Required

On the day the final levee broke
we sent Joseph to the top of Everest
to signal if the sea wall held.
We gathered on the flotilla to wait and
listen to stories of the past.
Of green fields and lush forests filled
with the songs of colorful birds.
We destroyed it all.
Buried the brightness under bleak gray waves.
Suffocated the skies in attempt
to subjugate the earth.
Nature refused to bend,
and, in vengeance, broke.
Ice sheets melted, sea levels rose,
mega-hurricanes became the norm.
Joseph’s signal never comes and we know.
We sit upon our rafts, floating,
in mankind’s manufactured hell,
and I can’t help but wonder
how Joseph took his life.
I would have done it quick, but
poor Joseph had a poet’s soul
and I’d wager he waited for
the final flood to overtake him.   

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