Waiting for the Inevitable

At times like this you can either wait for death or do something about it. These are my thoughts from not much earlier today. A global pandemic is sweeping the world and changing everything in its wake. We are seeing entire country’s economies shutting down, the stock market continues to plummet, and the medical experts are saying this could take longer than expected to blow over.

I read an article yesterday that said this could take up to a year for the social distancing to end. If that is the case then our entire economy changes. Our entire world changes. I am in a business that was simultaneously a need and a luxury. People enjoy owning pets and when they need to go to work they need someone to take care of their pet. The same goes with travel, but now that people are working from home and travel is shutdown the animals don’t need care. One of the slogans I’ve used in the past is, “We care when you’re not there,” that simply doesn’t work when someone is always there. If this is our new reality, which it very well might be, then my industry will be one of the first to die.

The problem I have is I haven’t got much going for me in a world based on teleworking. People have told me I have some writing ability but my experience in trying to parlay that into paid work has been about as successful as a dull meat grinder. That isn’t to say I haven’t had opportunities, but it is to say I haven’t done a good job of doing much of anything with them. I have the press passes to prove someone once let me in the Washington Nationals press box but I didn’t work hard enough to network and make connections there to turn unpaid work into paid work, and it’s not like sports are going to be around if this thing continues.

I’d like to be proactive but there isn’t much any action can go towards. What businesses serve us in a world like this? Restaurants can convert to take-out and delivery only, hairstylist can go mobile, people will always need food, water, and shelter. My expertise in taking a dog out to potty or cleaning out a cat box doesn’t serve much good in the world to come. And as more and more news reports come out I am increasingly certain that there will be a world to come that will much different than ours.

It is a scary proposition and it is even scarier when faced with people that want to act like it is business as usual. The only hope is that eventually everyone realizes the gravity of the situation and bill payments end up paused or cancelled for the foreseeable future. At this point in time I see no way through this for us, and no way to be proactive and find another way to bring in income that will help us survive.

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