Living in The Twilight Zone

It has been awhile since I have written anything and that isn’t because I don’t have enough thoughts it is because I have too many. On top of that, many of my thoughts are the same as other people are saying and the world doesn’t really need another voice adding to it at this time.

I will say as a business owner of a business that is impacted by the coronavirus I do wish people would stay home so we can have this thing overweigh sooner rather than later. Getting back to work now and turning the peak into a cliff isn’t the best idea and is only going to extend the stay at home order. This is like in preschool when the students are asked to be quiet for a minute or two and then the toys can be played with and a couple of bullies decide to be rowdy just so the other kids can’t play with the toys.

The times that we are living in are also like a Twilight Zone episode I watched way back when this first started. The Monsters are Due on Maple Street is an episode about neighbors and how easily humans distrust one another. In it a UFO flies overhead and then there is a power outage. A young boy mentions he has heard stories of aliens pretending to be human to gain their trust before killing them. Suddenly the lights come on at one of the neighbors homes and they all turn on him. One man tries to be the voice of reason but even he eventually joins the finger pointing.

At the time it was meant as an allegory for how we treated communism and the distrust among neighbors as to who might be going about un-American activities and the willingness of neighbors and friends to turn on each other in order to name names. It works for these times as well. We see how many people are willing to not just expose themselves to the virus but potentially expose their neighbors, friends, and family members as well. We also see how quickly people’s ideal of being pro-life or Blue Lives Matter fall to the wayside when their lives are made a tad bit uncomfortable.

It is amazing to watch how quickly humanity is willing to give up on society and return to a state of nature when one little element is introduced. Take humanity out of their routine and the whole thing crumbles. Gone are the lofty ideals and talk of helping their fellow mankind. People that tell others to believe in Jesus not only want to stomp on the traveller while lecturing him about personal responsibility but now want to infect him with a virus as well.

I can’t really say when this will end. I’m not an epidemiologist nor do I play one on TV. I’m not a person that should be making any decisions about this at all. I’d much rather listen to the experts and trust that they have my best interest in mind. The health and wellbeing of my family and getting to see my children grow up is now my top priority in life. If that means I can’t get a haircut or go to the movie theater for a little while and that my business has to take a backseat and get a PPP loan then so be it. Our health, safety, and wellbeing is what it most important, and I am baffled that there are so many so willing to sacrifice their neighbors, friends, and family just to return to routine.

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