6/15/2020 6:40 AM

It was raining this morning,
and while I was
walking the dog
I thought about that song,
you know the Pina Colada song.
Walking in the rain;
I wondered what type
of person likes walking in the rain.
It’s never been something
I’ve found enjoyable.
Pina Coladas are ok, I guess,
but it’s a bit of work.
Not easy to make at home.
Not like cracking open a
cold porter or
pouring yourself a shot of whisky.
I can see how people like them though.
Walking in the rain is another
thing entirely.
Who wants to be wet, damp, and cold?
Then there is that
making love at midnight thing.
Why midnight?
And why that specific time?
Do they function best on a
couple hours sleep or
are they assuming
we’re just staying up
waiting for their
nether regions
to heat up.
Why not
making love at 3:00 PM
then taking a nice
hot shower together
perhaps making love again
then getting dressed
for a casual dining experience
and getting a sound and peaceful
night of sleep?
I don’t know about you
but being woken up
at midnight for a
love making session
on the routine
doesn’t sound like
a key to a happy relationship.

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