Recipe for a Pleasant Morning

If you’re like me
and find yourself
feeling a little
more broken
than before
start your morning
with this cup of joy.

Prepare your coffee
however you prefer it
to be prepared.
I do mine in a
percolator on the stove.
There’s nothing like
coffee simmered over open flame.
While the coffee warms
in a cup mix sugar,
however much you like
no one’s here to judge,
a teaspoon of coco powder,
dutch process if you have it,
regular if not,
two or three chocolate chips
work just as well,
and a couple drops of orange oil
or extract or fresh zest, again
this is up to you.
You’re the one drinking it.

After the coffee has completed brewing
pour it in steaming mass over
your mixture of sugar, chocolate, and orange.
Mix in a touch of heave cream,
sit in your favorite chair,
put on some relaxing music,
Vivaldi, Telemann, or Taylor Swift,
again this part is really contingent on your tastes,
grab a good book,
and sip your warm coffee concoction
enjoying sweet citrus promise of
a summer kiss
while your escape into the folds
of a good story and relaxing music.

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