Tell it to me Again

This time start at the beginning.
Whose beginning?
My beginning?
The universes?
In the beginning
there was darkness
or a bang
or a big turtle.
Stop that.
Tell me about the incident.
Start with today.
This morning
I rose from bed
around 7:30/8:00…
No, no, no
the incident.
Just the incident.
I don’t want to
know your whole day.
You said start at the beginning.
I told you this before.
Tell it to me again.
What for? What good does it do?
You’ve heard the same
information from twenty
different sources.
You’ve heard it from me.
What good does it do
for you to hear it again
if you refuse to believe it?
Johnny walked into
the house
and turned into
a puff of smoke.

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