The Girl Who Called the Wind

The following is an excerpt from my new book Songs of Dreams and Creativity which can be purchased here. It contains 50 poems about imagination, dreams, inspiration and how we walk between the worlds of our mind and reality.

The Girl Who Called the Wind

The girl awoke to the sound
of rain on the roof.
Most days she’d celebrate
with a good book and cup of tea,
but today was not most days.
There were a lot of special things planned
and she couldn’t have the rain ruining it.
Before she even began
her morning routine
she headed outside, looked to the sky,
and recited the tale
of the old man bumping his head.
When that failed to send
the rain away
she beguiled the droplets
with the legend of the climbing spider.
Still the rain slipped through
the slits of dark clouds above.
She asked the rain one last time,
as politely as she could,
to please leave her be
and let her have this day.
When the rain refused
to pay her any heed
no matter how hard she’d plead
she realized if she can’t
make the rain stop
she’ll send the clouds away.
The girl looked to the east,
where she knew the storms grew,
and with all the charm and elegance
she could muster she asked
the winds to blow.
At first the rain seemed
to fall harder,
but soon a light breeze
tickled the tiny hairs on her skin.
Then the winds roared
shaking the trees and all their leaves.
Now the rain was falling horizontal
and those duplicitous dark clouds
continued to linger.
Now the girl asked the winds once more
to clear the clouds from the sky
and make the rain go away.
The winds answered with a howl
but the clouds failed to part.
The girl asked the winds to depart
but they decided staying would be more fun.
So, the girl turned towards the sun
and said, “Even though I can’t see you
I know you never leave.
Please shine with all your might
to send the clouds, rain, and winds away.”
Then it appeared.
A crack in the clouds
with soft golden rays
cutting through the rainy haze.
Slowly the crack spread
and the clouds disappeared.
The winds retreated to the east.
The sun was here to reign
and he’d brought along his friend
the rainbow
to clear away the mess
and brighten, at least,
one girl’s day.

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