The Energy of Inspiration

There is an energy to inspiration. I had it this past summer when I wrote my book of children’s poetry which you can purchase or read here. I have decided to start upon the second book and I don’t have that level of inspiration and therefore energy. I was inspired by a blurb from crime novelist Ed McBain in the acknowledgements of his fourth novel thanking his 14 readers. I’m sure it was an exaggeration but it shows the necessity of perseverance.

This is a quality I have long believed is one of the more underrated to success. Think of all the overnight successes you know of and then think of all the people that suffered setbacks and never gave up and eventually reached their goals. Reaching your goals or finding success in life isn’t about taking a rocket ship to a destination. It is more like climbing a mountain.

I saw once in a curiosity shop a quote that said something like do something long enough and you’ll find out that’s who you are, and that idea, if not the exact quote, have stuck with me. If I just keep writing and releasing poetry books then eventually the world will have no choice but to view me as a poet.

It is also important that a persevere so that I view myself this way and currently that is a struggle. Part of it is the evolving nature of my writing. There are works of mine that I am no longer a fan of and appear to be written by a different person entirely. It is an old saying but it is very true that it is hard to be loved by others if you do not love yourself, and I haven’t always liked my own writing. This isn’t the case so much now. I am still my own toughest critic and I doubt that will change.

What I need most now is energy. Energy that will carry this project to the end. The first time that energy came from inspiration and now I find that sorely lacking but have still managed to write three poems over the last week or so. It might take me longer this time to finish but if I stick with it I will finish and then I can sell four more books to a few hapless souls. And don’t think I’m not going to include a sample.

 The Cave of Lost Memories
 Deep underground,
 far below the shiny new houses
 and glimmering storefronts,
 lies the cave of lost memories.
 Listen closely on a crisp, dark night
 and whispers 
 from the world that was
 will find you. 

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