Streaming Silence

I settle into comfort 
reclining my earth tone leather chair.
Ready for an hour or two
of entertainment to feed
the appetite of the mind.
I scan through the most popular
finding little of substance
and much disinterest.
I come across a recycled tale
displaying the worst of our present day.
I am not in the mood.
I did not log on
to seek depression
and there is nothing of Aristotle's catharsis in this tragedy.
Skimming the menu I find less and less.
Paralyzed by an overwhelming plethora of choice
I return the television home
and enter a different menu
of limitless options
all free to try but costing dearly of time.
I could have finished a quarter of a film
at this point yet I've found none.
On to the next application
hoping for an instant recognition of the perfect entertainment for my dwindling evening.
It is late.
My eyelids droop.
I search no more and
venture off to bed.

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