A Sacrifice Has Been Made

I was walking a pair of dogs today when I passed by one of those free little libraries and noticed within it two books I wanted to read, The Girl Who Played With Fire and Dark Places. As I didn’t currently have any books with me I didn’t take them at this moment knowing I would be back later in the day.

Upon my returning home I searched through my books to find a proper sacrifice and by that I mean two books I would not miss a great deal. I decided the extra copy of Mortal Causes I had accidentally purchased and a Judy Blume book I once used to hold up the side of a chair whose leg had broken would make good sacrifices. I felt a tad guilty as these weren’t proper sacrifices. I was trading two books I cared nothing for for two books I wanted.

When I returned later in the day to walk those two dogs again I deposited my books into the library and withdrew the two I wanted. I noticed they were in the condition that someone may have used them to prop up a chair once and I suddenly didn’t feel so guilty about my sacrifices not being up to snuff. What was important was that I followed the rules. I had taken two books and left two books, and it was an immediate exchange. There was no owing the universe or any of that nonsense.

It is a strange thing to have to make a sacrifice in this day and age. We aren’t used to doing that and it felt good. The two empty spaces on my bookcase are a reminder that something is now missing. That two of my friends have flown the coop and are resting somewhere else. I gave up two of my books to get two others. I sacrificed a part of my household to acquire knowledge from the outside.

As I pulled out of that neighborhood I got to thinking on the condition of the books. Both the ones I left and the ones I took. Then I remembered the box of hardcover books we got from my parent’s house. An unwanted box of books. Now I wish to look up the location of all the free little libraries and take my box of ready made sacrifices with me. Cast these unwanted books about the land and rescue ones I want from each box. I am sure I can find something in each of them, but the rules must be adhered to. A sacrifice to the gods of knowledge is owed for each withdrawal.

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