Five Types of Rice

I ended up with 44 lbs of rice from the grocery store today. They were three different types of rice all for different purposes and they went into the pantry with the two other types of rice we already had. We have basmati rice for curries and the like, jasmine rice for stir fries and such, sushi rice to make rice balls, arborio rice for risotto, and brown rice because my wife wanted it for our children for lunch.

That is how I am. I am the type of person that has five different types of rice. Each rice for its purpose. One rice for one type of cooking and another rice for another type and seldom the two should meet. I have used the jasmine rice for a curry and the basmati rice for a stir fry but I always feel awful about it. They are the wrong types of rice and that is not their purpose.

Rice is a bit like wine in that way. While it can be a meal in and of itself it is better to be paired with other food, and it is hard to imagine pairing the wrong main dish with the wrong rice. It can be done but it isn’t something I like thinking about. I want to have a pork and string bean stir fry with arborio rice as much as I want to throw parmesan cheese and heavy cream into sushi rice. It might turn out okay but it is the wrong pairing. Like it is perfectly acceptable to have a Chardonnay with a steak but wouldn’t it be better to have a Merlot?

I’m like that with other things as well. Bread to some degree. Can’t have pastrami on honey wheat and PBJ on rye bread. That isn’t right. It isn’t how we do things. People who would do things in that manner aren’t right in the head. Even worse are the people that don’t see the difference. A few years ago I got questioned for my rice buying habits. As if I am supposed to only buy one type of rice and have it with every type of food. That isn’t how anything works. Can’t make a proper rice ball with basmati rice.

It is important to have variety and use everything for its proper purpose. Especially when it comes to rice. That is the most important thing to use for its proper purpose. It is a staple food and one rich in energy.

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