Every Day is a Winding Road

I don’t even know what happened today nor how to describe it. My children are demons ejected from the deepest, darkest, hottest depths of hell. There is no other way to describe it. The youngest has cut her first tooth and is in full on teething screaming mood. All day every day it is scream, scream, scream with no end in sight.

We aren’t free from her two older brothers either as they are both now fully in the suicidal toddler phase. The oldest twin was attempting to do diving headbutts off my shoulders and if I lay on the floor he climbs on me and falls backwards. Numerous times throughout they day they both conk their heads on the floor and then they join in with the screaming.

Peace is long forgotten in our household. All we can do is hang on and hope they grow out of all this. They have become death, the destroyer of worlds. We are helpless before their onslaught. Worst of all the oldest twin has no learned how to climb in and turn on the bathtub, but not how to remove clothes. The first thing he did with this new ability was to fall down, and as everyone knows a person can drown in an inch of water. We do not need our toddlers to drown.

As a parent it is frightening to watch your child attempt to destroy themselves multiple times throughout the day. They are now also in the I will do it myself phase among their many phases of terror. Combine the boys path of destruction with their sister’s full on teething wails during the day and if we hear silence we wonder who is dead.

I don’t know how parents do it. I don’t know how humanity made it this far. Billions, trillions, whatever number is big enough to measure the number of all the people that have lived all time have had children dating back to the first single cell organism to split. We have survived this long. I don’t know how we weren’t all driven mad by our children and eaten by a sabertooth tiger. I can even imagine early man welcoming the wet, hot jaws of death.

We will make it through this because there is no other option. We can’t turn around and go back the way we came. The only way through is forward, and we have to make it through. We have to raise our children and enjoy the good times while tolerating the bad. Today was a bad time and I do not foresee it getting better as the week goes on. There will be good times again, and I hope I get to see them with at least a partial bit of my sanity remaining.

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