Have a Good Weekend

I came very close to telling someone to have a good weekend today. Part of it was it is our weekend, and another part was I’m still losing track of time. With this actual weekend coming up being a holiday weekend our business is going to be busy. We are swamped and it is about to not be very fun.

I had a lighter schedule until a client told us they had forgotten to book boarding for their dogs and was wondering if we had any openings. This is the type of client I would have made room for if we were busy but not being personally busy I was able to make room easily. That doesn’t mean that I look forward to adding to my workload only that I can handle it and it adds to the sense that today was a weekend.

It also didn’t help that we went to the beach today. It doesn’t matter that it is a two minute drive to the beach from here and it takes us longer to walk to our spot on the beach than it does to drive there. Going to the beach is something you do on vacation or a weekend. It isn’t something you do on a Tuesday morning because you have the time and feel like it. Accept it is for us.

The beach is a big reason why we moved here and I haven’t taken full advantage enough. I love swimming in the ocean and was reminded today that I’m not a bad swimmer. Not fast or anything close to a great swimmer but I know how to swim in the ocean and that is not something everyone can say. The tides and currents are unpredictable and being able to navigate them isn’t easy.

It felt good to be under water cutting through the current. There are times when I have debated wearing my bathing suit to go to morning visits and then diving in the ocean afterwards. There is nothing like a good swim to jolt you awake. It is a feeling I haven’t felt in far too long and one that is well worth it.

Now that, not only the idea, but the need as well is in my head it will happen sooner rather than later. I will have to tell my wife my plans. I can’t have her waiting for me to help with the kids and then never show up. She may even want to join me. She doesn’t swim but the beach is the beach and the kids love it and early enough in the morning taking up two parking spots won’t be an issue.

Now it is all coming together. Maybe every day will be a weekend soon and the idea we had of living like we’re on vacation will become a reality. Even with three kids to raise and a business to run.

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