It Will All Be Over Soon

Yesterday morning I took a walk on the beach. It was a wonderful and much needed walk. It was on a beach I had walked hundred of times. It is so different now. I do not know if every grain of sand on that beach is different but a lot of them have to be. It is the nature of tides and time to wash away the old and refresh it with the new.

I was thinking about this as I watched my footprint disappear. The footprint that I had just made in the sane moments prior. It was there and then it was gone. Any evidence of my having stepped on that part of the beach vanished into the surf.

It is how the beach works. We arrive one person and leave another. No matter how brief a passage of time it is a passage of time. It is impossible for us to remain the same one second to the next. We exist in states of renewal or decay. There is no stasis. We cannot pause our lives at their best moments. We have to move onto the next.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy, hectic, and crazy day. It is our first major holiday with all but a few of the covid restrictions remaining. Memorial Day wasn’t that long ago but that still had a fair number of restrictions and while that was busy it is not July 4.

I have 14 visits tomorrow after promising myself I would cap myself at 12 visits. I allowed it to get to 14 because I wanted to help out a long time midday client when they forgot to book boarding, I took on a client I had passed off to an employee because I miss their dogs, and I added a final midday visit because I just can’t say no to walking certain dogs.

As busy as tomorrow is it falls off just as quick. It is like everyone traveling for the 4th is doing it from last week into the beginning of the coming week or for a weekend getaway. As the end of the week approaches I quickly drop down to almost no visits. This isn’t how the rhythm of a holiday normally works. I am not going to complain though.

I do not mind the times I am not busy. I have learned to not mind those times. I have to maintain balance in my mind. To understand the schedule is erratic and to not allow the worry about being too busy or not busy enough bother me. It is like the surf washing away my footprint. It is the rhythm of change and the flow of time. It will happen independent of my will.

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