My Life is Full and I Want to Pour Some Out

Being in the business world I am surrounded by all types of people. A lot of business people believe idioms and platitudes like mindset is everything and they judge people by their energy level or attitude. I’m not a battery and I’d much rather be judged by my empirical level of happiness and success than wether I smile enough or not.

Today one of the people in the business circles I run in was talking about the benefits of a positive mindset and saying things like my life is full than I’m busy. Earlier tonight, as we were trying to put the kids to bed, I had the thought my life is full and I want to pour some out or at least transfer it to someone else’s mug for awhile.

Sometimes life gets hectic and we feel overwhelmed. I wish the positive attitude people would simply say they don’t care instead of they want others to twist their words and meanings so they don’t have to be bothered. Sharing troubles with others is an intimate thing and I don’t do it with casual acquaintances like the aforementioned mindset messiah. I find it much more useful to be honest with a select group of people and keep others at arms length but if I can do that and make them think I’m some high energy proton then perhaps that is the thing to do.

My life isn’t full. It is hectic and crazy and often overwhelming. My cup runneth over as they say. Most of my day when I do get time to relaxed is spent feeling bad because my wife is still dealing with everything. We can’t stop or turn it off. Having three kids and a business is having a full life but someone forgot to turn the spigot off.

The thing about the mindset people is they get so mad at phrases like fake it ’til you make it and talk about how people should be their genuine selves but all they want is for people to fake it around them. No one can be a high energy cauldron of positivity all the time unless it is an act. Change your attitude change the world or something like that. Except in a few decades you’ll be dead and the world marches on, your life having left not even the faintest of ripples.

And if you’re worried about my attitude or my mental state because I share the fact that life is hectic and crazy and I doubt myself quite often don’t bother. It’s all great. I mean it. I am an optimist by nature and my life is wonderful. Today I ate cheesecake and read my book, played video games, watched the latest episode of Loki, and spent some time with my wife and children. We had sausage and spaghetti for dinner. Today was a great day and tomorrow we might go to the beach or the aquarium or something else fun. It will be hectic and crazy and overwhelming and it won’t make my life full because I am not a vessel with finite capacity. I am a human being of unlimited storage space.

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