Older People Say the Rudest Things

After going to the beach this past Friday the family and I decided to get lunch at a local restaurant, The Beach Pub. I will tell you I like The Beach Pub though I wouldn’t describe it as one of our favorite restaurant or say they have good food. The food isn’t bad. Their fried shrimp are quite tasty but I wouldn’t say it is one of the best restaurants I have been to. The best description I can give is all their food tastes exactly how you would expect. It is the Joe Biden of restaurants. It is plain and boring which turns out to be very comforting at times.

It is ironic that I call it the Joe Biden of restaurants given that their clientele is aggressively conservative. I would say about 90% of the patrons are between 70-90 years old. It isn’t unusual to see a wrinkled face pudgy older gentleman wearing a Trump hat and discussing how the Democrats are to blame for all the ills in the world, but the clientele of a place’s political beliefs won’t stop me from going there if I can get a soft-shell sandwich for $12.99.

The larger issue I have with this older clientele isn’t that they are aggressively conservative and wear their political beliefs on their sleeves. It is the comments about how many children we have. The number is three. Three. We have three children. This isn’t some absurd number of kids like Stu and Helen Hart. We have three children. Two boys and a girl.

It might be a little strange to people that they are all close together in age. The boys are twins and the girl is 16 months younger than them and catching up to them in size. I can also understand how it is weird seeing someone our age having three kids as millennials are having less children then previous generations but millennials that do have children have an average of just over two which isn’t much different than Boomers or Gen-X.

We might not be living in the age of the seventh son of a seventh son, but three kids is not some absurd number of children. And yet. When we go out and run into people of a certain age they are often ready and willing to be very free with their tongue and like to say things to me like, “You’ve been busy,” or, “You know where they come from, don’t you,” or, “Good job,” or numerous other rude comments we’ve heard all from people of sagging skin and drooping ear lobes.

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