The Haunting of Underwhelming Sushi

There was one time, years ago, when I went to a nice sushi restaurant and ended up ordering $50 worth of sushi and leaving hungry. I had wished I had gone to a sushi buffet. Tonight I went to a sushi buffet and wish I had gotten a burrito.

The problems were multiple. First the table directly in front of me was occupied by an older lady complaining about masks when the only people in the restaurant that had masks on were wearing them over the mouth only while wearing their shirts that made it clear they believed covid was a hoax. I asked myself why even bother with the mask at that point but then I got it. To them their stupidity is a badge of honor. They want everyone to know they are unvacinated and never plan to be.

With those two issues staring me in the face and the restaurant being more crowded than the parking lot indicated I was not feeling too comfortable being near people like that. You see the un-vaccinated believe that the vaccinated believe that the vaccine is an impenetrable shield. They don’t realize we know everything they do but use the information to make intelligent decisions rather than pretend the world is black and white. So while the covid I get won’t be as bad as an un-vaccinated person I can still get it and I have three children at home that haven’t been, and can’t yet be, vaccinated.

That is all about the people in the restaurant and the atmosphere but other than that Mrs. Lincoln how was the play? The sushi itself wasn’t too bad. It was par for the course and that was the main problem. I normally go for the $12.99 lunch buffet and this was the $19.99 dinner buffet. I was expecting more variety of sushi and instead it was the same old same old. On top of that the tongs were covered in filth and caused me to lose my appetite. After only two plates of sushi I had to get out of there.

As I got my check to leave I thought back to the first time I returned to that sushi buffet around my birthday in March. There was hardly anyone else in there and they made everyone that entered mask up and wear gloves. Now there were no masks and no gloves which is like most places but here were dirty tongs collecting god knows what being used to pick up sushi. A restaurant that just a few month ago that was one of the safest in town was now letting dirty tongs sit out to be reused again and again. They went from not wanting to give their customers covid to almost guaranteeing someone gets food poisoning.

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