Keeping the Streak

We are currently traveling and are in Gettysburg. We didn’t do much there today aside from eat delicious burgers for dinner. This was the day for visiting family in Maryland. The boys got to see the farm my wife grew up on and then visited their grandparent’s house.

I would say tomorrow will be full of Gettysburg stuff but I’m not sure of what all that is. We went to the battlefield and visitors center last year. It was fun. Maybe this year we’ll do the driving tour and see more of the sights. Last year we didn’t dedicate a day to Gettysburg stuff.

A nice morning walk and coffee is always nice and then there are all the shops around Lincoln Square. None of which we saw last year. Our main purpose then was visiting Maryland while this year we’ve done the Maryland part and now we get a whole day in Gettysburg.

I think that’s enough to keep my streak alive. Writing on the phone is tiresome.

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