It Is Good to Be Home

I don’t relax on vacation. Vacations are for seeing and experiencing new things. They are for filling your day with as many activities that you cannot do at home as possible. Vacations are wasted if you’re doing anything you can do at home or not being active. I once told my wife that it doesn’t matter what the hotel room is like because it is for sleeping and sleeping only. If you do anything but sleep in a hotel room you have wasted your vacation.

My attitude of go go go isn’t good when dealing with three children. That can be exemplified by the fact that twice during our vacation they ended up completely done with activities. On Sunday we blew through lunch time trying to do a self guided auto tour of the Gettysburg battlefield and on Monday they made it almost to the end of the zoo before exploding into a tirade of tiredness.

As done as they were those times we still made it through. We still had fun, but let me tell you today was nice. Today was relaxing. I was home and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. The children had a couple explosions that were at less than ideal times but today was very relaxing. There was no going. Today was a day of rest and relaxation. Or mostly rest and relaxation. Work was done in there, but it was the management work. It was the work that can be done at home between video games, reading, and spending time with family.

That is what today was. It was reading, video games, playing with my children, grilling out, and now relaxing before heading to bed in my bed that is ten thousand times more comfortable than a hotel bed.

I like traveling. I enjoy it a great deal and look forward to doing it again and hopefully with more frequency, but it is good to be home. Especially now that home is feeling more and more like home. I have a renewed vigor in living here. We have espied to the beach numerous times, took a hike in the state park, gone to the aquarium. All fun local activities. The house is starting to fit more too. It took me a bit but it is starting to feel like the place I belong. A place I can exist.

The big problem with owning a business is you can’t solidify things. There is no job security. You’re only as safe as your continued growth. July was the best month we ever had. Not financially or revenue wise. It was a month where we did well in that regard. Enough to say we made money, but that is only a small part of it. In July we went to amusement parks, the beach, the botanical gardens, spent time in our backyard, cooked many meals, read some books, had a near perfect work life balance. If every month could be this past month I would be my happiest.

The problem is it can’t be. It never can be. The next month can only be the next month and that comes with a lot of uncertainty. The only thing I can do is keep doing my best and believe it will all work out in the end. I only have 25-27 years until retirement. I’m sure I can make it.

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