The University of All Human Understanding

Steam from the previous night's
thunderstorm drifted to join the clouds
on the morning that 
The University of All Human Understanding 
was founded. 
The math was extensive.
It was calculated
they required thirty thousand individuals
reading fifty-nine books a year
to read every book ever written
in seventy-seven years. 
In the seventy-seventh year
since the university's founding
all the professors were dead. 
Fortunately, they left behind notes.
Unfortunately, those notes were not found
for another thirty years, 
and by then the collection of human knowledge
had grown by several million volumes.
The second founding of
The University of All Human Knowledge 
was as successful as the first. 
People claim to learn from history 
so as not to repeat it.
Like most promises people make
they don't keep it. 
It wouldn't be for another hundred years
that the lost university was discovered
by a lost troop of school children
on an expedition into the most remote 
mountains of the island wilderness. 
This time The University of All Human Knowledge
was moved somewhere less remote 
and founded for a third time. 
Forty thousand four hundred and seventeen individuals
were assigned the ever expanding catalog
of all human knowledge. 
After a book were finished the professor was to
recite his thoughts and criticisms into a recorder.
This could take no longer than thirty minutes. 
Seventy-seven years later 
The University of All Human Understanding
had nearly four billion minutes or sixty-five million hours
or two million seven hundred and eight thousand three hundred and thirty-three
days or seven thousand four hundred and twenty years
of audio recording. 
Before they could recruit and train 
the next generation
of professors
they all died from exhaustion. 
The University of All Human Understanding
remains lost. 
The fourth founding to happen 
at an unknown point 
in the distant or not too distant future. 


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