Regression to the Mean

I said before that July of 2021 was one of the best months I’ve ever had. Work/life balance was nearly perfect, we went to the beach just about every week, went to the aquarium, the botanical garden, took a vacation to Gettysburg and the National Zoo, and the company we own ran smooth as silk.

Now it is August. Things are not going so great. It has been one work crisis after another, we haven’t been to the beach yet this month, and it feels like everything that can go wrong is. It isn’t so bad. We have hired enough people to absorb a lot of the impending shifts, but I still worry. Changes are coming. Some are going to be quite drastic.

I am optimistic. That is a choice I get to make. I believe in the future, and I believe it will be good. I have that luxury, and I am going to take advantage of it. I do not think doom is coming for us. Things keep working out for us and there is no reason to start believing they won’t now.

Here is looking on the bright side. I had one of the best soft-shell sandwiches I ever had today. It was so good. The soft-shell crab was the size of a dinner plate and the tomato that came with it was so red and ripe. It burst when bit into. The crab was perfectly fried and so delicious. It was an overall excellent experience.

It is said that great experiences that become too common are no longer special. It is why appreciating the little things is so difficult. It is why money can’t be happiness but poverty is a well of misery. It is why I can go to most restaurants around here and get fried oysters and soft-shells whenever I want and my mind isn’t pleased. My mind focuses on the lack of Korean BBQ or good kabobs.

that is where we are with July vs August. Sure, August has had its fair share of chaos and pain but we are going to the beach on Sunday and plan to go to the Garden’s next Wednesday. Little can stop us. Life right now is very good, and I hope it keeps trending in that direction even if we are owed our current regression to the mean. Not all luck can be good or there wouldn’t be good luck at all.

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