The Meaning of Value

I told a salesperson once doing a quote for me that I was interested in value. They did not understand what I meant. They proceeded to tell me about all the cheap options they had and how the best thing they offered was certainly the best. I Googled the item they told me was so great and found I could get it for far cheaper at Home Depot, a place they told me would not carry it. I dislike being lied to as much as I appreciate value.

Today we made a big change. We switched internet providers. I did this because we got a mailing that informed me that for $40 less I could get the same level of internet through Verizon that I was getting through Cox. That is certainly a value. Add to that that the Cox internet never worked quite right. It had its moments but they were few and far between and one of our networks had completely died.

Let me back up. Incase you didn’t know, which you should because I am not smart when it comes to internet matters, modern routers come with two networks. One is 5.0 mzh and the other is 2.4. One is supposed to be better than the other. I do not know which, but whichever one that is suddenly started to slow down. I called Cox and someone came out and got things working a little bit but that network kept getting slower and slower until it stopped working entirely.

At that point I called Cox again and they told me it was entirely my fault. How dare I have multiple computers, smart speakers, phones, gaming systems, and TVs on the same network. What did I think this was, the 21st century or something? I told them I was paying a lot of money a month to have something that works, and they offered me a $2 a month credit.

It took me nearly a year afterwards to switch. I don’t know why I didn’t at least look up what Verizon cost at that time but I didn’t. I think it was because of bad customer service experiences in the past with Verizon, their internet being shoddy at my parent’s house, and the pain of making a change. Then I got the mailer and, honestly, I let it sit. It sat for maybe a week until the internet went out one day and I said enough is enough. I called them and scheduled a time for them to come out.

Today was that day, and things are working like they always have. The phones are working much faster and the TV signal is clearer, but other than that I don’t notice much difference. Time will tell. If things are what they were before I’m paying $40 less and I will feel that is value. If they work better, like I think they will, then that is tremendous value.

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