The Collision of Mystery and Fantasy

Aside from bitting wit Ed McBain and Terry Pratchett have world building, recurring characters, and more in common despite being from two genres most would find completely unrelated. I am a fan of both mystery and fantasy novels and I always thought this was unique but as I have read more and more I can see it is not.

To most people mystery and fantasy are probably two distinct sections of the book store. They likely don’t think of the similarities the genres share or think of authors like McBain and Pratchett as having anything in common. Ed McBain is the pseudonym of Eastern European American immigrant writer Evan Hunter while Terry Pratchett is a British fantasy writer.

The two are also similar in the fact that they wrote very long series that has caused me much frustration. The Discworld series of Pratchett is 41 novels long while the 87th Precinct is 55 novels long. I’d very much like to finish them both sooner rather than later but I have too many other books to read and as much as I would love to alternate between the series I feel that would only make me bored of them instead of having me look forward to them and it would have other books I want to read getting left behind.

I wanted to write something more involved tonight but the baby won’t stop screaming and I’m done.

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