Where the Screaming Never Ends

Today was a fun day. In the way that parents use the word fun to mean terrible. It wasn’t a terrible day as no one died, lost a limb, or ended up disfigured in any other way, but it was terrible in the way that the children wouldn’t stop screaming.

It was one of those days. Crying and whining all day long, and then just when I thought I was going to get a moment of peace was when my wife had a meeting on the computer and talked at the top of her lungs through which the kids were also screaming. At this point I needed some quiet. I just needed a few minutes of relaxation. I didn’t get it.

I tried to run away upstairs but could hear my wife talking and the kids screaming through the floorboards and I felt guilty for not helping. I kept trying to help. I would go into where the kids were and try and get them settled but they wouldn’t. They wanted to scream. They enjoyed screaming. Today was not a day for anyone that doesn’t enjoy headaches and loud noises.

My children love to scream. They are all sick. I do have to give them that, but they could nap at a reasonable hour instead of waiting until it is time to make dinner for them. I think what is so frustrating about it is I was so busy and worn out last week that I was looking forward to a quiet, slow week this week and now that I am home I have to take care of the job of being a parent.

The book I just finished talked about how money buys separation. That the seats in nice restaurants are further apart, first class on airlines has bigger seats, and the more expensive houses come with lots of property space. The same is true with silence. Money can purchase peace and quiet as well. If we were rich folks we’d have a nanny to help us with our children.

Speaking of paying for peace and quiet today convinced me I should try one of those sensory deprivation tanks. I want to know what it feels like to not exist for a few moments. I want to experience complete silence and lack of sensation. Perhaps that will make me miss the noise a little bit.

I love my children but they can fill a house with commotion like nobody’s business. Today was the opposite of peaceful. There are some days I just want to escape my own offspring and I am certain every other parent has those days as well and if they don’t then they’re lying.

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