Where Does The Crunch Bar Fit In

When I got the candy for our trunk or treat last weekend I ended up buying what I called a house bag of candy. My main reason for being it was it had 100 Grand Bars in it which happen to be my favorite candy bar. It also had Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, and Crunch Bars. A funny thing happened as I went through the bag. I kept grabbing Crunch Bars. The bag is mostly Crunch Bars.

It got me thinking about Halloween night and trick or treaters. Or more accurately the days that follow Halloween. I remember digging through my bag of candy and pulling out a Crunch Bar. Sometimes I’d drop it back in and go searching for something better and sometimes I’d pull out a Fireball or a Twizzler and go searching for the Crunch Bar.

Crunch Bars fit neatly into the very middle of the candy spectrum. They aren’t Reese’s or Snickers or even Milky Way or Twix, but they are a satisfying candy bar. No one is ever disappointed to eat a Crunch Bar. One might be disappointed it isn’t a Snickers or a Reese’s but when it comes time to eat a candy bar a Crunch Bar is a good eat.

Crunch Bars have a nice crisp texture surrounded by milk chocolate. They are a good enough candy bar that it will never end up at the bottom of someone’s list of favorite Halloween candy. It will never be at the top either but that isn’t the point. The Crunch Bar is firmly in the middle. It is a good candy bar even if it doesn’t have the pizzaz of a Snickers or a Reese’s or the iconic nature of a Hershey Bar or M&M.

Where the Crunch Bar fits in can best be described as the most average of candy bars. It is delicious and provides a good treat, but it lacks the wow factor of other candy. It is a two note treat and both those notes are solidly on key. The Crunch Bar isn’t going to end up left in the bag to be thrown out or forgotten about until next Halloween. It is going to be eaten but it might have to wait its turn until the top tier candy has been devoured, but it will be the best of the rest and when it is all said and done many Crunch Bars will be consumed this Halloween season.

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