Triggered By Toni Morrison

I have to say I hope these parental rights losers are still around when my kids make it to middle and high school because it will be fun to tweak them. If you don’t know what I’m talking about we first need to back up to the final debate in the Virginia governor’s race where Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe had an unfortunate verbal miscue where he said he didn’t think parents should tell schools what to teach. What he meant was that racist d-bag parents shouldn’t have a say in how history is taught but that isn’t what he said and it isn’t what the campaign ads from Republican Glen Youngkin have been since.

Today Glen Youngkin decided to take McAuliffe’s slip that has been costing McAuliffe in the polls and turn it into his own. Glen Youngkin decided to run an ad about how traumatized a woman was that her son had to read Toni Morrison’s Beloved for his senior English class. Let’s forget for a second that seniors are 18 by the time they graduate and think about this for a second. A parent is going after a school for teaching a Pulitzer Prize winning book by a Nobel Prize winning author and Youngkin’s point is parents should tell schools what to teach.

If I have learned anything living in America it is that the banning of things is never popular and most people hold books to the highest level of that. So I do not think this is a good strategy. Youngkin had McAuliffe on the ropes and decided to punch himself in the face. Not only does going after Toni Morrison make Youngkin look like a book burner it also opens him up to criticism as a racist.

The most ironic part of this to me is I just read a Toni Morrison book that one member of the school board in Virginia Beach challenged because she was triggered by it. Both the parent in Youngkin’s ad and the Virginia Beach school board member said these books were the most explicit things they’ve read and likened them to porn. I’ve got some bad news for you guys. There is way more explicit stuff on the internet or on network TV after 8:00 PM. You can’t protect your 18 year old kid forever. Soon they’ll go off to college and make some videos of their own.

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