The Real Meaning of No Politics

Late last week my wife suggested I join dad groups on Facebook. She enjoys being a part of some of the mom’s groups she is in on that sight and thought I could benefit from the dad’s groups. I asked to join three or four of them. One focused on dad’s of multiples, one of dad’s of Hampton Roads, and another couple on dad’s in general. Every one of them had as a rule no politics.

A couple days after joining one of the groups I left and I left because the no politics rule for that group didn’t mean no politics. It meant no politics that admins disagree with. Maybe I didn’t understand the title of the group. It was something like Real Dads but I am certain I am real and a dad and I think some of the posts in that group were about being a father but most of them were anti-trans BS.

It is weird that a group would have as a rule no politics and then the majority of the post would be politics, but maybe not. We live in the age of parental rights groups harassing and threatening school board members and US Senators defending the parental rights groups rights to do a Nazi salute. You know the saying when someone tells you who they are believe them. I think we know who these so called parental rights advocates are.

A big time movie company adds a female or a POC to the cast of a movie and a certain segment of the world is up in arms about how they’re making it political. It is the same way when some people say one of their rules is no politics. It doesn’t mean no politics. It means no politics they disagree with and those types consider women and POC existing to be political issues.

I’m willing to bet all these anti-trans daddies are married to mamma bear types and they are going to raise a bunch of socially, morally, and emotionally repressed children. Just look at every battle over books in front of school boards right now. I saw a video today of Loudon County parents reading excerpts from some YA novel called Monday Is Not Coming about the disappearance of a young POC.

Every time these people object to a book on sexual grounds it turns out that the book was written by a black American or is about the black experience in America. They hide their racism behind moral indignation, and pretend they are unaware that Twilight, The Hunger Games, Shadow and Bone, Divergent, and every other recent YA novel out there by a white lady is full of sex and violence as well.

Next time you read a rule or someone tells you they don’t like politics ask them what that means. Does it mean no politics at all or do they mean no politics that make them feel uncomfortable?

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