Never Underestimate How Stupid People Are

I should start by saying not all the votes have been counted in Virginia as of the time of this writing and a surprise could still happen but it looks highly unlikely at this point. Right now it looks like Republican candidate Glen Youngkin is going to be the next Governor of Virginia.

The sad thing is he ran a campaign that anyone with half a brain could see as nothing but racism and bigotry. His main focus was on Critical Race Theory and education. If anything has been proven over the last few years it is that the Republicans don’t want people to be educated. Educated people scare them and when it comes to Critical Race Theory it isn’t a thing. It is a boogeyman they made up to scare white people.

The weirdest thing is Youngkin never once defined Critical Race Theory. He only mentioned it. Time and time again he brought it up and told people how scary it is. Critical race Theory isn’t taught in public schools and what the Republicans are calling Critical Race Theory are facts.

Virginia is at the heart of much of the poor history of America. It is where the first Africans were brought to America and where the first laws on slavery based on race where established. It is the state of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Men that founded this nation but also committed unspeakable atrocities against the Africans they owned. The capital of Virginia also happens to have been the capital of the Confederacy and viewing that part of the states history as anything but disgraceful is misguided and dishonest.

There is a lot to be proud of as a Virginian but none of it is represented by Glen Youngkin and his ilk. He created the myth of CRT and calmly blathered about how disrespected parents were when it came to their children’s education. He talks about wanting to educate children and give them a bright future but what he really wants is to hold them in ignorance so his party can regain and maintain power.

Youngkin created the disease and then presented himself as the cure going so far to run an ad showing a parent upset about sexual content in a school book without mentioning that the book in question is Beloved by Toni Morrison. That embodies what Youngkin is. He is a snake and a weasel who will obscure the truth and the facts in order to get his way. The sad part is it looks like it worked and is a great reminder to never underestimate how stupid people are.

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