The Answer They Didn’t Expect

Today I was asked if I was busy and I answered no. It was not the answer that was expected in any way shape or form. When you have three children and run your own business people expect you to be busy but I don’t view myself that way.

Perhaps I am still busy. Emails and phone calls came in hot and heavy today. We are getting booking requests hand over fist and the children are running around making messes wherever they tread, but still I don’t feel busy at all. I feel a sense of balance and contentment. Life is the way I want it right now.

When you own a business the balance of life can shift at any moment. You can look at facts and figures all day long and suddenly start viewing them in a way that causes stress, but the thing is that hasn’t happened for a long time. This year has been fantastic.

I enjoy spending time with my children and I feel that we have the business well under control. We have been throw a number of curve balls this year and successfully fouled off most of them. We have gone to the beach, museums, read books together, sang songs together, walked through the gardens, visited the zoo, took a trip to Gettysburg, and much much more.

Now I am adding to me day by going to the community rec center and getting healthier. Life in general is very good right now and my days have been well balanced. I have plenty of time to spend with my family and even more time to enjoy with family. Most of my working time is spent managing the business and finding work for other people to do. Occasionally I will have to enter the field but I’ve found ways to make that better as well.

Today I was out in the field working for around three hours this evening. It was the longest string of visits I have done in awhile, but it didn’t feel like work. I took my ear buds with me and listened to a book almost the entire time.

This is how I find balance. I make everything I do enjoyable no matter what it is. Give everything I do a purpose of fulfillment and then I will never feel busy again.

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