Updating Goals

At the very beginning of the year I set my reading goal to be 35 books. Then I accomplished that sometime in May and so expanded the goal to 52 books. That was done not long after and the goal was expanded once again to 90 books, the same goal as 2020, but I recently met that one and moved it up to 104 books. Tonight I finished my 103 book of the year.

Now I have already done the math and figured that if I continue the current pace that I have that I will end up reading 125 books for the year but I am uncertain about making that the goal as I believe I am setting a very fast pace at the moment and I am uncertain if that can continue. The holidays are coming up and there are going to be a lot of activities that we are going to want to do.

There are Christmas activities at the zoo, the aquarium, and the botanical gardens. This Thursday we are going to head to Williamsburg to go to Colonial Williamsburg and Christmas Town at Busch Gardens and I do not foresee myself getting to do a lot of reading that day.

Days like that are in heavy supply for the rest of the year. If you had asked me at the beginning of the year if I would be satisfied reading 100 books I would have said no mainly because I would assume something terrible would be happening and my business and life would be done for.

I would not have figured that I had started using audio books and that I had figured out a method to read with my children in the room. It really isn’t all that hard as my children have decided they like books and if I grab one they will grab one of their’s to read with me.

What they do at this point isn’t exactly reading but it is something and I am not one to argue and I think there is value in what they do. They grab their books and point at all the pictures and colors and tell us everything they recognize on the page be it a vehicle, character, tree, or color. They like to describe all the things they see on the page.

This is only one thing as the other is reading right before bed. I am skipping that part tonight as I just read about 60 pages in under and hour and both my eyes and brain are tired. I think the proper expansion of the goal might be 120 books or maybe even 115. I might get to 125 but that is pushing it. It is maintaining a pace that is already wearing me out, but one that I am afraid I will have to maintain as it is much easier to keep moving at a speed than to either slow down or speed up.

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