Rushing Things

You know what two year olds aren’t ready for? Art museums. Do you know where I took my twin two year olds today? To an art museum. Why would I do this? Because I wanted to hear a person let out a futile ssshh? No. They like to draw and color and I thought it would be good to show them some finished products. They just don’t quite understand yet.

They like running around and being crazy. We should be taking them to playgrounds or something like that. Art museums aren’t playgrounds. I am a person to whom age restrictions are a challenge. I was that way with myself as a kid. I would see a toy listed above my age range and litigate with my parents all the reasons why I was perfectly mature enough for said toy.

Art museums aren’t for two year olds. They probably aren’t for three or four or even five year olds either. This is likely an activity that is going to have to wait for a little bit. At least until we’re able to talk about the art we see on the wall beyond them telling me what color it is or if it is a cow.

I’m also not one to listen to advice. Even if it is my own. I’ll likely forget I wrote all this the next time I get the hankering to go to an art museums or end up near one and I’ll delude myself into thinking that my children are ready and once again unleash them upon a space where people want peace and quiet, and fun will be had by none.

At least this time they didn’t jump on the art. Not for the lack of effort mind you, but because we were faster in stoping them and the one that was sneaking under the ropes paused to give us a knowing smile as he was sneaking under.

They should have more art spaces for children. Playgrounds made to resemble classic works of art or something like that. I want my children to have strong cultural diversity. I want to introduce them to lots and lots of art. I think they can handle it if it is presented in a way they can understand. Perhaps I can find a Monet coloring book or something like that.

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