I always feel like I get more tired from anticipation than I do from actual events. I don’t know what else to call this other than pre-exhaustion. The holiday rush doesn’t exactly start tomorrow but I am going to have to be up to get ready for work at 5:00 AM.

It is just one visit though. Then it is back home for a long stretch of time before the next visit of the day and that is all I really have. Things don’t get really busy, for me, until next week. The company is busy though and that means I am busy and then there are the kids. They make everyone tired.

Tonight I failed my wife. I decided to find a new Netflix series to watch instead of helping to put the kids to bed. I watched the first episode of the Korean drama Hellbound while my wife struggled to get the kids to sleep. When we both do it it goes no faster and is no easier but we are both sitting in the room with the kids and can’t get mad at each other.

I have a feeling my wife feels much of the same exhaustion as I do. Next week is going to be busy, and we are going to have to cook dinner and do all that sort of thing Friday evening for my family. It isn’t a big gathering but my father likes to complicate things. He does this by pretending to know more than he does and threatening to ruin everything. He doesn’t want to simply order a standing rib roast from the grocery store he wants to go to a butcher and he insists that the good standing rib roast is called a chuck roast. I tried my best to tell him that was a completely different cut of meat but we might be having pot roast for Christmas dinner unless I purchase a back-up rib roast.

There is good news though. I might not be as busy for the holidays as I could be if a hire comes through. We are working to get it done but who knows what is going to happen. If not I do what is on my schedule and there will be time to eat and I know people will be understanding with it being the Christmas season. At least I hope they are.

Things are busy, going to get busier, and I already feel like I can barely keep my eyes open. At times I don’t know how I am going to get through it.

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