The Story of My Life So Far

If every year of our lives is a line in a poem then this is mine.

1981 Birth. I have no memory of this.
1982 Growth. Progressing towards memories. 
1983 Flashes. Paisley yellow couch, wood paneled walls.
1984 New home. Where is my crib?
1985 Lessons. Singing John Denver and Puff the Magic Dragon.
1986 Rejection. Adults can hate children. 
1987 Setback. It is like starting over. Life now a year behind.
1988 Rebirth. Adults can love children.
1989 Trickery. A gifted test reveals the opposite.
1990 Clowns. A lesson in fear.
1991 Reward. The most magical place on Earth. 
1992 Starting over. A house the size of two or three. 
1993 New school. These children or so different.
1994 Outcast. I am not who I want to be.
1995 Trouble. Breaking things that do not work is not a solution.
1996 Friends. This right here is the New World Order of High School.
1997 Settling in. Finding the groove in not fitting in. 
1998 Destruction. Concert pizza fight.
1999 Let it be. College tours, mailings, and phone calls.
2000 Lies. No planes fall from the sky. I drink myself out of school.
2001 Legacy. Planes crash into buildings. I follow in family footsteps.
2002 Finding the path. Truth is beauty. Boats beat back by tide.
2003 A new fire. I find peace in mountain streams. 
2004 A late discovery. Wish I knew about art history sooner.
2005 An end, a beginning. I am not a web designer.
2006 Love. Walk-off home runs, a home of my own, meeting my destiny. 
2007 Setting the future. Proposals, the beach, and The Grate Steak.
2008 Carpentry. Building boxes. Wedding planning. 
2009 Future. A blistering cold joyous January.
2010 Cramped. Shoving two lives into a 500 sq. ft. condo. 
2011 Best friends. The roo-roo dog joins our circus.
2012 A taste of joy. Phantom grand-slams and a playoff moment.
2013 Dissatisfaction. The temporary job becomes permanent.
2014 Burning desire. My friends, my wife I love. My life I hate.
2015 Escape. A list of pros and cons comes down to where's the beach.
2016 Satisfaction. It is wondrous to build. 
2017 Continued growth. The foundation was laid. Now the walls take form.
2018 Finally. The greatest hockey player of our generation brings the cup home.
2019 Miracles. 13 weeks early. NICU stay. Remember where you were.
2020 Shutdown. Madness grips the world. Life on pause.
2021 Restart. Finding footing is proving difficult.

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