Parents’ Plight

What does it mean to be a parent? This is a question I reflect on almost daily. I have defined my role as being a sort of guide through life. Showing my children the paths they can walk but letting them choose the one they want to walk. There are other roles I have and many have yet to define themselves and will only become apparent as my children grow.

The reason for this post isn’t to meditate on the unknown. It is to reflect on the sacrifices we make as parents. Think about the time before children or if you have none think about your daily routine. If you’re a parent you know how difficult certain things that used to be simple are. Think about getting in the car to go somewhere. Without kids the routine is to walk to the car, open the door, and get in. With kids the routine is much much different, at least while they are in car seats.

Time is only one of the sacrifices parents make. There is also money. Children are expensive. Far more expensive than anyone realizes and if people realized the exact cost of having kids before they had them then no one would have kids anymore, but this is the sacrifice. This is what we must do for our children. In order to secure their future we must give up our present.

This is how I think of helping our kids to get started on the right path. The path that is the key to open up all other paths. Education. It is important that my children learn and that they learn to love learning. The boys are in preschool right now and with the end of the child tax credit it is going to be a struggle to keep them in. Money is already tight and it is about to get tighter.

Financial aid for schooling is something a lot of parents have to do. It is not at all uncommon, and with how much my children love their preschool and with how much I wish for them to continue it is a necessity. It is either that or start a gofundme or beg on the street as my side-hustle.

This is how I must sacrifice for my children. I will enter into debt in order to secure them a better and brighter future. I might not be happy about it, but we do what is best for our family and this is for the best.

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