It’s All Misinformation

I decided the other day to recommit myself to writing a blog for my business but instead of doing it on the business website I did it on Substack. Here is a link to the latest post. I did this because my business desperately needs another revenue source and I figure writing is something I can do. Hopefully it takes off at some point.

The point of this and where it ties in with my personal blog is I was writing about pet food and said that when it comes to pet food a lot of the information out there is misinformation. Yesterday afternoon I decided to Google what happens if you do 100 push-ups a day for a year and one of the first websites a came across was loaded with misinformation.

This website was not a fan of people doing push-ups. They didn’t seem to think a lot would happen if someone did 100 push-ups a day for a year and said that all that would happen is that person would get really good at doing push-ups but then they went further and talked about over training and muscle imbalance and on and on.

Think about this for a second though. What if it weren’t push-ups we were talking about. What if the question were what would happen if someone ran five miles every day. I think you can imagine the mockery a website would get if they said the person would get good at running but would overtrain and build too strong of legs.

The ultimate goal of that website a stumbled across was to sell their workout program that contained more than push-ups for people to do at home, and I am certain it is a fine workout program but I’ve never understood the need for putting things down in an attempt to build yourself up.

I don’t know what happens if someone does 100 push-ups a day for a year but I’m going to try and find out. I am also going to continue doing cardio and trying to not it so unhealthy I wipe it all out.

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