An Open Letter to Glenn Youngkin

Dear Governor,

Upon your election I decided to be optimistic. It is one of my most foolish virtues, I must admit, but nevertheless I choose to believe that once handed the reigns of power you would use them for good. Less than a week into your duties as Governor I see I was sadly mistaken. You are neither a man that values parental freedom or education.

It is said that anyone running for political office that tells you they aren’t a politician is a liar and that is clearly true of you. Like many politicians you are an opportunist. You hopped on a misstep in a debate by your opponent, made promises you had no intention of keeping, and rode your lies all the way to Richmond.

You are now a disgrace and an embarrassment to the state of Virginia. You will forever be known as an anti-education Governor and it took you less than a week. In some ways it is quite impressive to write your legacy that swiftly, but you should know and understand the harm you are doing.

Thomas Jefferson, the war time Governor of Virginia during the Revolutionary Way and the third President of the United States has many quotes on education but one of his best says that educating the whole of the population is the best way to secure liberty and happiness. I would like to say you value both of those things but sadly the evidence is lacking. It appears the only thing you value at this point is power and you don’t care who you harm to get it.

In your first week in office you have put our children in harms way by repealing the mask mandate against the advise of the CDC, installed an anti-education Secretary of Education who wishes to use our tax dollars earmarked for public schools to instead subsidize private religious institutions, and set up a tip line designed to further divide parents and teachers and deprive our children of a quality education.

Mr. Youngkin, you are neither a scholar nor a gentleman, but are a fool and a scoundrel. I now regret every having hope that you would bare the yoke of leadership and see the responsibility you had undertaken by being selected to be our Governor. Instead you seized power and wield it like a cudgel to strike out at anyone that disagrees with you.

Leadership is servitude. You bear a duty to all Virginians to serve their needs by fulfilling your duty as Governor. You clearly are no leader as you believe it is the citizens of Virginia that serve you and not the other way around. Your tip line is a disgusting and disgraceful act of tyranny. Your crusade against the truth in education should not be taken lightly by any citizen of this great commonwealth and it is my hope that your tip line becomes so overburdened that you and your goons cannot act.

Teachers need the freedom to teach. While you wish to wrap yourself in a comforting lie about the holiness and righteous nature of the founding and growth of this nation there are those of us who would rather their children learn the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

It is clear that the light of truth is foreign upon your mind, and you wish for our children to reside in the shadows of ignorance. Less than a week into your Governorship and it is already clear how unfit for duty you are.

I am going to choose to be optimistic once more. I am going to believe that you will wake up tomorrow morning, see how unpopular your effort to divide the people of this state and suppress education are, and realize the error of your ways. I choose to believe that you will suddenly be struck with the realization of the vast responsibility you have taken on as Governor of Virginia and will change your ways.

I don’t expect you to lead Virginia forward in any meaningful way, but I do expect you to stop dragging Virginia backwards. I understand it might be your desire that the masses be uneducated and bend the knee to your whims, but you serve at the desire of the people, not the other way around. It is my naive hope that you begin to understand this and start doing what is right for our children instead of trying to pollute their still forming minds with your bigotry and hate.

Your Obedient Servant,

David Huzzard

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