What the Hell am I Doing

I really have no idea why I am writing this or what my thought process was that lead me to open this site at 9:30 on Saturday when I could be doing so many better things. The reason is that my plan is working or was working until Thursday came along and I did nothing.

I had the most readers I have had in a long time on Wednesday and it was a nice steady progression from the previous days. Then I missed a day because I was over-scheduled and had a date night planned that evening. I missed one day and the readership plummetted.

It is a good lesson. If you want to build something you have to keep building. One off-day creates huge setbacks.

The day I missed was because I was scheduled to interview three people over three hours in the afternoon. After watching the children during my wife’s business meeting, having a review of our business insurance with our agent, and picking the kids up from school. By this time it was time to head to the interviews and then when I got home it was time to make the kids dinner so they would have eaten for the babysitter.

Then date night, which was a later night, and back home. At this point in this writing, I bet you regret me doing it as well. It has only been five minutes since I started and there is plenty of time to get back to enjoying my day, and hopefully tonight I have more interesting thoughts in my head.

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