Re-Examining 2022 Goals and Resolutions

I am going to start with the reading goals. I set a goal to read 104 books this year. I average around one audiobook a week and am a little faster with physical books but have other things I need to do in 2022. There are a few video games coming out I want to play, movies and tv shows that need watching, and then there is spending time with my family.

Each of the last three months of 2021 I read 15 books. I did not want to or think I could maintain that pace, and I was correct. I read 12 books in January. That puts me on pace to read 144 books for the year but only four ahead of what I should have read in January to be on pace for 104. As the first video game I want to play comes out in just a couple weeks I do see my physical book reading pace slowing down. Thought my audiobook pace could increase as I have been listening while cooking and have canceled Spotify due to the existence of Joe Rogan.

When it is all said and done I believe my reading goals are right where they should be. I have banked four books which means I can either read a longer book or take a break from reading to do something else for a week or so. I don’t think I can or should do that but I could remove the nighttime reading in favor of nighttime video game playing so that I can experience a story in that medium.

For other goals the push-up task hit a big speed bump in the form of target 90. I decided that a slight reset was in order. This is sort of a challenge that is being invented as I go so I added a rule that if you can’t hit the target number in a week then reset by no more than 40 push-ups and work back up by two more push-ups a day instead of the original five. I went back to target 60 and tomorrow need to do 66 push-ups.

These push-ups are still very difficult towards the end but I have no excuse not to do it. I have never failed to hit 60 push-ups and that is now the floor. I think the slower progression will make it more likely that I can hit 90 once it is the target again.

Doing the morning push-ups and a few sets throughout the day caused me to lose ten pounds. This is very surprising as my diet is awful. I ate two cookies and fried chicken today. While this isn’t a typical day for me I am not exactly watching what I eat. My body has always responded well to exercise and I think that will continue. I can see differences in the mirror because of the push-ups and it is still only January for a couple more hours.

All told my 2022 goals and resolutions are going well. We missed the second adventure with this children this month mostly due to the weather. It was planned and we were ready to go but I didn’t think a trip to Busch Gardens in 30 degree weather would have been much fun. As the event this month is more food based we are likely to go this Saturday no matter what.

The worst part about a year is it lasts a year and you have to actually live it to see any results. I am looking forward to see where I am on December 31 and how I feel about everything then.

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