Sickness Ruins Everything

This has been a bad week. I only made it to the gym twice. Missed doing my morning push-ups one day, and felt generally like I have fallen behind. It is all because I ended up with a very bad head cold. I even took a covid test thinking I might have finally caught that, but it wasn’t that. It is just a head cold. One that is still going on and making me feel terrible.

It was so much worse earlier in the week. My nose felt like it was trying to claw its way through my face, and once again it started with my daughter. I don’t know how a 15 month old baby that hardly ever leaves the house has become the starting point for disease in our house but she has, and everything she gets is terrible.

The truth is it must be her brothers that bring these things home from pre-school. No one is supposed to go to school if anyone in the house has had certain symptoms over the past 24 hours but then none of the children would ever go to school.

Honestly, that is it for tonight. I just wanted to get some writing done. I had the thought to write about books that have been turned into TV shows recently and how it is or has been a major trend, but that would have been a longer endeavor, and it is late, and I am tired. Plus I want to listen to some of the audiobook I have been listening to as I missed going to the gym three times this week and that is four hours of listening missed out on.

I’m still using the timer for my night time posts and there is still time left on it, but I am done now. Goodnight.

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