Waking to a World at War

Around the country people are waking to the horrific news that the sovereign nation of Ukraine has been invaded by Russia. Make no mistake about it this is an invasion of conquest. Putin is looking to add to Russia the territory of former USSR states. This is a move to demonstrate the power and might of Putin and the Russian forces.

One of the major problems I see in the world is we think of history and often current events in a top down manner. I saw a news clip last night of that anti-American terrorist sympathizer and traitorous SOB Tucker Carlson rambling on about how Putin has never done anything to him so Putin can do whatever he wants in his opinion. As soon as I saw that I asked what have the people of the Ukraine done to him.

If we thought of history from a bottom up prospective I don’t think we’d have as many of the issues we do today. Imagine yourself as a person in Ukraine this morning. Waking as bombs strike several large cities. What do you do? How do you carry on? Would you rush out your door to meet the Russian forces? Would you flee to a neighboring country? Or would you get up, shower, brush your teeth, and pretend to carry on?

Is there even a way to carry on for those in the Ukraine today? Is there an office to go to, restaurants to eat at, coffee shops to sit and sip a warm cup? Imagine yourself in this position. The position of the average citizen of the Ukraine waking up as a large force of Russian troops pour across their borders to conquer their country.

I think too this morning of my children. Two of them born months before a global pandemic and the third born in the midst. They have known little other than hardship. Russia is taking advantage of the divisions in America. I saw also a news story that some members of Congress are boycotting the State of the Union out of spite and pettiness. They are little and weak people. Now is the time, as it has been for the last three years, for Americans to set aside our differences and stand up to our common foes.

We will not do this. We did not stand together to stop the spread of covid and we will not stand together to do everything necessary to support our European allies in stopping Russian aggression. Ukraine is only the beginning. If Putin has his way he will reform the USSR. He will seize more territory and disrupt the world.

I fear the United States is powerless while our leaders stand divided over issues that are neither political or controversial. It is some in power who wish to create the controversy to remain in power. We should not allow that to happen. We have the power to change it. To vote against leaders that are sympathetic to both the domestic terrorists that invaded the Capitol and foreign dictators like Putin.

I would be ignorant if I believed this could happen. We know what will happen. The salacious smut peddlers of Fox News and social media trolls will churn out meme after meme and talking point after talking point taking the side of Russia and Putin. Blaming Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and whoever else they decide that day for the aggression of Putin.

The invasion of Ukraine are the actions of a rouge dictator of a rouge state. What the proper response is is above my pay grade. I am uncertain if Russia still fears mutually assured destruction, and if they would launch their nuclear weapons against us and our allies if they were attacked directly, but Putin only speaks the language of violence. Putin and those close to him knew these sanctions were coming and had months to prepare. He believes the world is dependent on Russian energy.

I am filled with deep sadness and fear this morning. The safety of the people of Ukraine must be the world’s priority. We must give them safety and shelter. Open our hearts, homes, and borders to them. Think of yourself rising to bombings and missile strikes. How would you carry on?

We are witnesses to history, and history is horrific. I wish for peace to prevail. I hope for the safety and well being to all Ukrainian people. Facing the horrors of the world can make us feel small, but we must remember that even small actions can have significant results. Do a kindness today, and if enough of us do perhaps we can turn back the tide of a world bent towards cruelty.

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