These Days So Long

There was a brief time when the stress lifted and we were back to living. We were through the worst of the pandemic, we no longer had a nutcase in the White House, and the world was looking up. Then covid returned with a vengeance, the American right started trying to ban books and end women’s rights, and then the world shattered.

It is disheartening and depressing to see the images coming out of Ukraine. I cannot imagine being a person there. There is no life anymore. War is the absence of life. When I think about this I think about my life. Tomorrow I will get up, brush my teeth, have breakfast, and go about a day filled with work and family time. What does a person in Ukraine get up and do? Is anything still working?

It is hard to imagine people going to work and holding up society while bombs fall around them and they are fighting for their lives. What is life like in the midst of war? There is no society in a country at war. There cannot be. That is one of the goals of the invaders. To disrupt daily activity to a point where surrender seems the better option.

The bravery and the heroism of Ukrainian people is good to see, but it is something I wish we didn’t have to see. The horror of this war needs to be a wake up call to the world. There is no need for war. It is time to end all wars. To make peace with all mankind and never let anything like this happen again.

I know someone reading this will find it ironic that an American is writing it. America has invaded and occupied its fair share of countries. I have had the are we the bad guys discussion with myself and the answer is yes. America has been a bad guy at times. Is still capable of being a bad guy. That doesn’t mean that as a citizen of America I can’t look at another country doing something horrific and condemn it. It deserves condemnation.

War is the worst thing one person can bring to another. It is why war was the first horseman out. War brings every evil with it. Famine, pestilence, and death all follow war. Watching Ukraine these past few days weighs heavy on my mind. No one should have to go through that, and we must work as a world to make sure no one else does. End this and then unite in peace.

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