Checking In On Reading Goals

As predicted with a video game I really wanted to play having come out my reading has slowed down significantly. For the month of March I have so far read four books. Three of them audio books and one physical. The physical book also happened to be 800 pages long so that didn’t exactly help matters. This past Sunday ended up being the first day in a very long time where I read zero pages.

With all that being said 75 days into the year I have read 26 books which puts me on pace to read 126 books which would be one more than last year. My reading goal is at 104 books which could be met or exceeded depending on how things go and how I want them to go.

There are further video games and movies and other forms of entertainment coming out that I would like to experience this year and my new reading goal of 30 pages a day is perfect for that. It is especially nice when reading a book with quickly read pages. There is little to no pressure to read through a book too quickly, and if I do end up finishing one fast it is because it is an excellent book.

As the warmer months come up there will be more to do with family and less time to read. June and July were the months where I read the least books last year and I don’t expect it to be different this year. The children are already talking about going to the beach and as soon as it is warm enough I intend to take them.

They are also wanting to do more and more out of the house. We need to set up a time to take them to an indoor trampoline park as that seems like something that would be fun. There is also the chance that I don’t even read the 104 books I plan to this year. I doubt that I will fall short of the goal but we must acknowledge it as a possibility.

The current pace is not so far ahead of the goal pace that I can’t still fall short. Let’s say I read eight books this month and that remains my pace. Add those 76 books to the 26 I have already read and I am only at 102 books read for the year. It is only two short of the goal but it is short of the goal and as I said June and July could be closer reading months than this.

Perhaps the lesson here is I read too many books and I should read less or it is to not read an 800 page book when a video game I really want to play is out or there is no lesson at all other than I have forgotten that entertainment is meant to be fun.

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