And Then He Was No More

Chapter 5 of Genesis is the reminder that a lot of the Bible isn’t going to make sense to modern readers. In case you are unaware Chapter 5 is another lineage but unlike Chapter 4 it doesn’t begin with a story. It begins with the statement that Adam lived for a hundred or so years then had a son and lived for 800 more. Anyone with children understands that after having kids the days certainly feel longer.

The rest of the chapter is just a list of names and how long they lived before and after having children, and these are some people that lived a very long time. I believe the writers of these early stories were just bad at telling time.

Eventually we get to Enoch who walked with God and then he was no more because God took him. It is the closest thing resembling a story and there are likely stories of Enoch out there. There are also likely stories of all the characters mentioned in this chapter but they have either been lost to time or are unknown to me.

This is where I wouldn’t mind learning more about the stories of these characters if it is possible. The Bible might be the word of God but it isn’t the only source out there that contains divinity. If God is everything and everything is of God then all stories contain some bit of God.

The other interesting thing is that the names in the line of Seth, Adam and Eve’s third son, closely mirror those of the line of Cain. Including Lamech who in the line of Seth is the father of Noah. Noah here is referred to as someone who will relieve humankind of their toil. We are going to see if the story of the flood is different than I remember but I guess drowning in a global cataclysmic event would be one way that humanity is relieved of their toil.

I do think after I am done with this I am going to see if there are any stories of Enoch out there. Where did he go with God on his walkabout? What else is there to think about a chapter in the Bible that is just a list of names. It is a lineage and that is all it is. There can’t be much meaning pulled out of here is so and so who beget so and so jr. who beget so and so the younger and so on and so forth. The end.

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