From Them All Nations Spread

Chapter 10 of Genesis is a genealogy of the sons of Noah. It is another section where there is a lot of begetting, but it is the ending and that is important. All people on the Earth are descended from Noah who was descended from Adam who was made in the image of God. That means all people on the planet Earth have a bit of divinity in them. A small piece of God. We are all children of God.

Think of all the people who call themselves Christian and talk about God and country, and yet from them all nations spread. Not one nation or a single chosen nation, but all nations. God does not have borders, and if God did have borders it certainly wouldn’t be modern borders. What concern was the United States of America to the descendants of Noah. This nation was thousands of years in the future.

It is hard to date the stories in the Bible. At some point myth and legend catch up to history and it becomes easier to follow along in some form and fashion. It still isn’t easy but it is easier. The time of Moses is the time of Ramesses II, the time of Jesus was the time of Augustus and Tiberius, and the time of Paul was the time of Nero. We know more of those histories than we know of the time of Noah and Abraham.

The answer is easy though. The very early stories of the Bible aren’t parallel to history because they happen outside history. They happened in a time before recorded history. A time unknown or forgotten by man. The early stories of the Bible are origin stories. We have the origin of creation, the birth of man, and now the birth of all nations.

The important part. The meaning that should be taken out of chapter 10 of Genesis is that all nations are descended from Noah which means that all nations are descended from God. God is the father of all life on earth. There are no exceptions and all humanity is worthy of love. We were not put on this planet for hate and division but for love and understanding.

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