Hello Old Friend

It has been awhile. I’m not sure how long but here I am again. We don’t visit often enough and when we do I don’t stay long. I always have something to do somewhere to be. Often I am too tired, don’t have the energy, can’t think of anything to say, or numerous other excuses not to visit or linger.

Today I stood beside the ocean. I watched dolphins dance along the surface and birds fly over the waves. I questioned how many miles I could see in each direction and then tried to calculated exactly what percent of the ocean I could see. Then I remembered the ocean has depth as well is length and width. The vastness of the ocean is unimaginable or at the least it is beyond my understanding.

I am here again. It is time for us to chat. It is time for me to linger and stay awhile. To kick back my heels and have these daily chats. I don’t know what about. The world is full of questions. None of which I have the answer to. I am like a single drop of water in the vastness of the ocean, but if that were true wouldn’t understand the vastness of the ocean.

Today was a good day. It was a day I needed. My body and mind got time to heal. To relax from the rigors I put them through. I have a compulsive need to always be on the go. To cram as much into a day as possible. To never stop moving until I must stop moving. I live my life like I am running out of time and I have so much left to do. So much so that I end up getting less done than if I lived my life and a more healthy pace.

The sun is down and the stars have risen. It was good to visit with you today old friend but time is running short and I must go soon. The day has reached it end. I will visit tomorrow. Perhaps I will have something more interesting to say then. Maybe a poem or a story. I know not. I only know that I need to stay. To linger. This is where I belong.

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