Ghost of History

I look out of a one mile killing field,
replica brass canons glitter in mid-morning sun,
one question comes to mind, why?

At 3:00 PM on July 3 1863
12,000 Confederate infantry troops
marched against artillery fortified high-ground.
They were predictably mowed down
by the superior Union technology and position.
By the time they reach the Union troops
their numbers are halved.
They muster little fight and retreat.

It is one of the greatest tactical blunders
in military history.
One plaque proclaims it bravery.
Another desperation.
None mention the shear apparent stupidity of the order.

Why 3:00 PM in the afternoon?
I look at the 9:00 AM sun blinding me from the east
questioning if it would be as blinding at 3:00 PM in the west.
I hear the echoes of history and question if the cavalry
wasn’t meant to arrive at the enemies flank.
Still, no matter the what-ifs, it was
an infantry charge against high-ground fortified with artillery.
And this shear act of stupidity saved our country.

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